Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pulling the Birds

Birds really liven up a garden and to try and attract them we decided to buy a bird feeding station with a couple of feeders.    

It has been a good time for us to start this project as winter is a really important time for birds to feed, with short days and harsh weather it can be difficult for them to find food.

We've found that it can be quite costly to feed the birds in the garden (particularly with mealworms) so its always good to shop around and see the best price you can get. Looking on the internet or in local shops seem to be the best option as some garden centers appear to be too expensive. We started off with Peanuts, Fat Balls and Niger seeds (which you will need a special Niger feeder for). 

Our feeding station has been up for about 3-4 weeks. With the food we have provided, we are now hoping to see a variety birds attempting to cling on such as tits, finches, robins, starlings and woodpeckers.  Blackbirds, pigeons and song-thrushes will more than likely go for scraps underneath.  

So far we've have had: blue tits, great tits, coal tits, robins, blackbirds and Jackdaws, who annoyingly seem to devour all the food. The fat balls appear to be the most popular, the peanuts have yet to be refilled and the Niger seed surprisingly has yet to be touched.  

We've also displayed other foods around the garden, including coconuts with mealworm filling and suet blocks.

February appears to be a great time for putting up nest boxes.  The reason being that this is the time of year birds will begin to look for somewhere to obviously nest for the coming spring. Today we've put up our first nest box, trying our best to keep out of direct sunlight!   

For the next stage, we're looking to add another feeding station as well as trying out sunflower hearts and mealworm.  Hopefully we'll also get plenty of viewers for the little house in the tree. 

Let's see what this week will bring!

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